Red as Blue beckons LGBTQ youths and GenXers alike to beautifully come of age again in this hybrid format prosey graphic novel. Set in a fictional desert town 1980s Colorado, Red as Blue is a moment of eternal tension on the verge of explosion.

With a unique, genre-bending style that is sometimes lyrical, sometimes sharp as a razor’s edge, and always engaging; author Ji Strangeway paints word-pictures of a volatile world between worlds. The battlefield of two girls burning to transcend forbidden love sparks an allegorical “Lord of the Flies meets Romeo & Juliet” and in its beneficence, a street-smart West Side Story “Bowling for Columbine.”

Half Mexican and half Armenian,15-year-old June Lusparian searches the streets of Paradise Valley and cold high school hallways for signs of redemption–symptoms of life. She longs to carve open her own space to find a beating heart in a barren world. Only her secret gift for music offers a hint of hope. When she falls for blonde, cool girl Beverly, captain of the Spirit Girls cheer squad, June hopes she may, at last, have found that one true thing.

But as their nascent romance grows, June learns true connection requires more than a bond of pain and the ache of desire. Paradise is more than an idea, more than a town. And forgiveness never falls from heaven of its own accord.

June’s Paradise is on life-support, barely breathing. Will death be the only answer?

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