Forbidden love. A test of human spirit.
Is it worth the sacrifice?

Ji Strangeway’s hybrid graphic novel, Red as Blue, beckons LGBTQ youths and X-gens to beautifully come of age all over again. Punker June Lusparian falls for a queer-questioning Cheer Captain to brave a dark world bound to explode. The battlefield of two kids burning to transcend forbidden love ignites an allegorical “Lord of the Flies meets Romeo & Juliet.”

…the 1980s punk rock music movement gives rise to disenchanted gender-bending youths coming out within the shadows of a fundamentalist town…

…Paradise High rages on as gangs and privileged kids push the limits of savagery…

…June and Beverly, two girls from opposite social strata, stumble upon one true thing that fires up the religiosity of their community: Oops. Is this “Love?” In a world filled with haters, they must rise above to come out and come…together.

A happy ending or just another senseless LGBT tragedy?

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